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The threat to the integrity of sporting events from betting-related corruption has increased in recent years. Technological advances that allow real-time online betting on a global scale have taken betting on sport to a new level.

​You can now bet on many aspects of an event other than the final winner, this together with the enhanced liquidity of betting markets and the sheer number of sporting events streamed live on TV as well as the internet, provides added opportunity for potential corrupters.

​Sports, governments and betting operators must remain alert to the dangers of match-fixing and associated betting-related corruption, and approach it with the same rigorous action as that taken to ensure sports remain free from doping.

Protecting the Integrity of Sport in the iGaming age

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Preaching the need for vigilance - Irish Independent

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“Promoting and upholding integrity is paramount as the whole concept of sport is based on a fair competition between participants under agreed rules with an uncertain outcome. It is a vital principle for any sport that all involved are genuinely competing to win, and are seen to be doing so.​”

“A loss in confidence in the integrity of a sport not only has financial implications for a sport but can threaten its very existence.”

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